Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Predictable procrastinator!

I always heard the older you get, the faster time passes. With every passing day, this becomes more of a reality.  My plans this week were to C L E A N house with special emphasis on my craft room but have I done any of it?  Nooooo..   I've been really busy, but have not accomplished anything on my list of  to do's.  Predictable?  oh yes!

Yesterday, I had breakfast with a dear high school friend, Mirtha, and the topic of  where does the time go? was part of our discussion.  We have so much fun when we get together but we don't make it happen often enough because of being so "busy".  She is a remarkable lady and I'm so blessed to be freind.  We are looking forward to our 50th high school reunion next May..  Talk about where did the time go?  I'm not old enough to be going to a 50th reunion!  Sheesh!

When I opened this up today to share a 'Little Bit of Me' I saw that I tend to use the expression "shucky darn" and "still kickin" often, too. Predictable? oh yes!  So, if you tend to read here, you may hear those terms quite a bit..  Maybe it is just the "Suuthen" (translates to Southern) in me.

So, this predictable procrastinor must say "Lynda, get 'er done" and get busy!!

Ooops, before I go, here is a quick peek of one of  the projects done at an all day class with Lovely Linda Crofton a couple of weeks ago.  Soooo much fun!  I've used the picture that Linda took of it and posted.

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..

'til next time {hugs}


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