Friday, December 23, 2011

On a Roll

Finally!  I'm feeling better and actually have a bit of energy today so... I'm on a roll! 

You know how I love the SVG Cuts folks.. well last night they posted a really nice freebie file and I've made one box so far and going to make a few more..  These came at just the right time, too, because I have three items that I had no idea what kind of box I was going to use for them. I had planned to make just a regular rectangle box but wasn't all that enthused about it and then Leo and Mary posted their free files for these boxes. LOVE them!  Here is the first one:
All Stampin' Up! materials used for this one!

I stopped typing and made two more instead of waiting until I finished here. I don't think I've ever been as unable to stay on task as I have for the last week..

These were also made with Stampin' Up! papers - Deck the Halls.  The felt embellishments also Stampin' Up! The flower and ribbon in the middle came from Michael's.  Love those sales at Michael's :)

I have to say I'm in dire need of a photography class.  I take the worst pictures of anyone I know.  These really do look better in person!
Getting on a soap box for a minute then I'll bid you goodnight..  
Ruby Gettinger is an inspiration to anyone with a weight problem.  I'm so unhappy that her show isn't renewing as are so many other folks.  the following is just a repost I did on blog, something I don't usually do!
Geez, no wonder there is a body concious crisis in America.. I just thumbed thru the shows listed on Style network and the titles are "Celebrity Bodies", "Lose 30lbs During the Holidays", Brazil Butt Lift", "Glam Fairy" and "Jerseylicious"!  Just reading the info for each of these shows lets you know right away they are more fantasy than reality and there are not too many folks in the everyday world that to to Millionaire Matchmaker Mixers.. give me a break.. give us RUBY!  RUBY tells it like it really is and is an inspiration to thousands of us who battle the bulge every day!  America needs to GET REAL and stop letting the likes of fantasy reality rule the airways.. PLEASE keep RUBY on the air and let us finish her journey with her!  Thank you!

I guess I've bent your ear enough today so Merry Christmas to all.  Hope Santa brings you something that makes you happy.  Most of all.. Happy Birthday, Jesus! and hope to see you soon!

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..

'til next time {hugs}

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