Thursday, January 26, 2012


Stitches.. the first thing I used to think about when I heard that word is something bad had happened and there was a trip to a medical facility to get all 'stiched' up.  However, now when I hear the word Stitches, I think of pretty materials stacked and zigzaged all around on just about anything you can sew on.  It can be quite expensive to purchase these lovelies and you know me, I have to try to make it myself so that is what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks (in between working in laptop recovery mode). 

So, here is the first one I 'stitched' up.. and that's a headband I decided to make just for the heck of it.. hope it fits..

In a trip to Joann's, I found some really pretty material and decided to make another.. Here is a sneak peak..

My Grandangel's sorority is Alpha Xi Delta and I used the Sure Cuts Alot program, a free Greek font set that I found online and the Cricut to cut out the letters.  Have I mentioned how much I love SVGCuts?  Cricut has a Greek letters file in the Cricut Craft Room, but I couldn't get the shadow proportioned so I could sew around it. 

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time {hugs}

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