Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SVG Cuts and New Candy Links

Follow this link to SVG Cuts  because they are giving away some good stuff!..  You should visit and follow the directions to enter. 

If you have a Cricut, check out the Sure Cuts A Lot 2 software.  It is great!!

Gotta get back to some digital scrapbooking so...

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time {hugs}

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still Kickin'

Hi Y'all..

Yes, I'm still kickin' just not writin' this past week.  I've been either under the weather or recreating my personal and crafting filing system.  Don't give up on me, I shall return with more Little Bits of Me.. :)

If anyone has the Jet Max filing cubes and needs info on getting additional file folders for them, I have the essential info you need to know where to purchase them.  Leave a post and I'll give you the info you need (directly from Jet Max).

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time {hugs}

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday already?

Sheesh.. I can't believe it is already Thursday!  Where DID this week go? 

My DH left for the beach early Monday morning.  He woke me to tell me bye and I remember saying "Don't kiss me goodbye, I have a sore throat" and telling him to drive safely and have a good week fishing. I went back to sleep for a little while and woke up with a raging headache so I self diagnosed a sinus headache.  I do belive it turned out to be the crud that is going around. I've been under the weather all week.  I even missed my monthly Star's Stamp Club meeting tonight. I don't take kindly to feeling bad so hubby surely picked the right week to head to the beach.

My intentions this week were to reorganize my craft room and settle down for the long winter nights playing with all my crafting stuff. Since I haven't felt like doing diddly squat all week, I've been looking at what other folks have been up to on all the fantastic artistic blogs. They are so totally awesome, that you can get lost in time and before you know it, Monday becomes Thursday.. LOL

I do plan to share projects here but most of my cards, etc are "cased" and with so many folks designing their own, I'm a little intimidated. 

I've added some new blog candy sights so be sure you check them out..

Also, keep my GA #1 in your prayers.  Her knee is getting better.  She goes home next Tuesday and bless her heart, her Thanksgiving break is going to include having her wisdom teeth surgically removed.  I love you, GA!

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home again, home again..

The diagnosis.. OUCH.. My darlin' Grandangel has multiple tears in the hamstring and some meniscus damage.  The did a procedure of taking her blood and removing the plasma (I think that is right) and injected it into the injured area and that is to help the healing process.  She is in a more maneuverable brace and still using crutches.  Prayers are welcomed for the healing process and the pain to be minimized.  She has really been in a lot of pain. 

We got off to such a late start taking her back to school on Friday that we decided to stay at a hotel and drive back on Saturday.  We got to school around 11:30pm, unloaded the car and stayed to help her put everything away.  You would have thought it was move in day instead of returning after a week away.  After pulling some summer clothes out to make room for warmer wear, moving her desk around so she can more easily access it with the dreaded crutches in tow, we ended up back at the hotel around 3 am. Remember, this is an Old As Time lady here and my tush was draggin'!  lmbo... 

After a totally sleepless night because of an allergic reaction to something in the room, I fell asleep around 7:30am, slept til 11 then stood in the shower and let the water try to wash what felt like slivers of glass floating in my eyes away.  Surely glad checkout is at noon there.. 

Now, the reason we needed to get her back to school was her sorority initiation was this weekend and it was a weekend full of activities! She is now officially an Alpha Xi Delta sister! Congrats, Grandangel!

I am going to start adding blog candy links on the side bar later tonight so be sure you check them out..  I have one in the last post but saw so many I want to share, I'm going to move it to have them all together. 

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time {hugs}

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

Oh wait.. I'm retired, no dollar for me today!

This is going to be another long day. My sweet Grandangel #1 is in college and was working out last week and injured her knee.  After an ER visit, she was put in a leg brace and on crutches. So many folks helped her with everyday task like carrying the meal tray, carrying her book bag, etc.  Thank you all!

I drove DD down on Monday to meet her to get an MRI. We drove home that night.  She was in so much pain the medication was only helping for a couple of hours. Luckily, DD got her an app't. for this morning with a great doctor here so on Tuesday we drove back down and picked her up.  Per the diagnoses today, she has a torn hamstring and some possible damage to the meniscus. The treatment they are doing today will hopefully help in the healing process and no surgery will be needed so prayers from all are appreciated!  Sometime today, we will be taking her back to school (3 hour drive each way) so I'm hitting the caffeinated coffee so driving home tonight I'll be wide awake.. Bet I'll be awake most of the night too. Ya think?

My crafting time has been at a minimal this week, but I did take my copic markers and the images I got in Suzanne Dean's class last Saturday with me and played a while sitting in the hospital waiting for the MRI to be done.  If you have never taken a class with her and you want to learn to color with Copics, that is a great class.. she also has online classes (see blinkie on the right).  Hopefully, I won't be on the road as much next week and can buckle down to playing with my crafting 'stuff'.  I have no idea how the truckers do it. Eighteen plus hours on the road for me is plenty this week!

Hope to share more and more and thanks for stopping by.

'til next time,

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sheesh..  there is a lot of work to this blogging thingy! I'm sure I made a typical newbie error but hopefully I won't do it too many more times.  I had the design at a point I could stand it for a new kid on the block, went to look at something different and you know the rest.. I clicked where I shouldn't have clicked and kaboom.. that pretty page was UGLY!  It is many hours later and a totally different look than where I began but my tush says get up and do something else for a while! 

Now that I have started this, I have thought of so many things I want to talk about but I need to remember to eat, sleep, etc..  Hey... just thought of a new diet... Blogging for Weight Loss!  Blog instead of eat!

Ut oh..

I can see this is going to get me in TROUBLE!  I just looked at the clock and it is after 4am.  I'm a night owl anyway but good grief, I need sleep! I've always been a stay up late person and I lose track of time when I get started doing anything I like to do.  Will this be another sleep robber! It surely appears to be one more thing I'll be addicted to..

The Saga Begins...

Am I really doing this?
So many of my friends are blogging and I don't want to be left behind so looks like... YEP...
I'm really doing this!

I've never kept a journal, and for that I'm truly sorry. I do believe an incident when I was probably in the sixth or seventh grade kept me from ever wanting to keep a journal.  I had a diary and had started writing in it daily.  A diary was supposed to be private so no one was supposed to pick it up and read it.. even if you left it out in plain sight in your home.  I believe my parents respected that so I had no qualms about leaving it out after writing in it.  It never occurred to me that a visiting relative would pick it up and read it until.... /sigh...  an aunt and uncle came over and the uncle did just that.  I was mortified because I had written about the beginning of that new monthly event young ladies experience..  I never wrote in the diary again and never journaled - until now! 

So, if anyone ever reads these Little Bits of Me, I hope you will overlook when I ramble, find something of interest along the way, leave me a post every now and then and come back to see me often.  I'm glad you are here!