Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home again, home again..

The diagnosis.. OUCH.. My darlin' Grandangel has multiple tears in the hamstring and some meniscus damage.  The did a procedure of taking her blood and removing the plasma (I think that is right) and injected it into the injured area and that is to help the healing process.  She is in a more maneuverable brace and still using crutches.  Prayers are welcomed for the healing process and the pain to be minimized.  She has really been in a lot of pain. 

We got off to such a late start taking her back to school on Friday that we decided to stay at a hotel and drive back on Saturday.  We got to school around 11:30pm, unloaded the car and stayed to help her put everything away.  You would have thought it was move in day instead of returning after a week away.  After pulling some summer clothes out to make room for warmer wear, moving her desk around so she can more easily access it with the dreaded crutches in tow, we ended up back at the hotel around 3 am. Remember, this is an Old As Time lady here and my tush was draggin'!  lmbo... 

After a totally sleepless night because of an allergic reaction to something in the room, I fell asleep around 7:30am, slept til 11 then stood in the shower and let the water try to wash what felt like slivers of glass floating in my eyes away.  Surely glad checkout is at noon there.. 

Now, the reason we needed to get her back to school was her sorority initiation was this weekend and it was a weekend full of activities! She is now officially an Alpha Xi Delta sister! Congrats, Grandangel!

I am going to start adding blog candy links on the side bar later tonight so be sure you check them out..  I have one in the last post but saw so many I want to share, I'm going to move it to have them all together. 

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by..
'til next time {hugs}

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